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A Dynamic Digital World Can't Be Built On A Foundation Of Static Documents

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Experience a groundbreaking solution that empowers you to effortlessly create dynamic digital processes, all without requiring coding or programming skills.

Leave behind the static routines of the past, like navigating through Microsoft Office or Legacy software, exporting to PDFs, and storing in conventional repositories.  No more expensive and timely third-party custom software development that’s obsolete the moment it hits operations.

Our revolutionary technology transforms process development and management, allowing you to design, implement, and adapt your knowledge base of processes seamlessly. This marks the arrival of Optimal Process (OP), a new era of efficiency and innovation. With real-time data access, you can continuously optimize, make informed decisions, and streamline workflows like never before.

Embrace a future of process evolution with unparalleled ease as you propel your digital OPs into the dynamic realm of tomorrow, incorporating Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, and more.

It’s time for Optimal Process.



CAIPHI, Inc. and OP Media, Inc. Join Forces to Revolutionize Actionable Procedures for Emergency and Contingency Response

Pasadena, August 7,2023 – CAIPHI, Inc., a pioneer in Healthcare compliance procedures, has proudly announced a groundbreaking exclusive arrangement with OP Media, Inc. based in Draper, UT. This collaboration is set to fuse CAIPHI’s understanding of the healthcare industry’s static compliance procedures with OP Media, Inc.’s cutting-edge optimal process response platform, ushering in a new era of expedited contingency response and data transmission.

A December 2019 analysis explored the implementation of CAIPHI’s compliance platform with Ochsner in Louisiana, initially delayed due to the pandemic. Subsequent assessments revealed substantial cost savings achievable by transitioning from manual Emergency Preparedness tasks to digital processes, including lowered compliance labor needs, digitized content and response, and insurance discounts due to reduced risks. Ochsner’s projected annual savings of 38% were seen as a starting point, with CAIPHI and OP Media suggesting potential savings exceeding 58% by converting PDF-policy procedures to smartphone-enabled actions. Unforeseen benefits from shifting to hybrid/remote work and the inherent advantages of replacing costly manual tasks with accessible digital processes were also highlighted, offering enhanced outcomes, convenient online training, and archived learning.

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to unforeseen contingencies is paramount.  CAIPHI, Inc.’s expertise in software development of compliance procedures, coupled with OP Media, Inc.’s advanced OP Engine (process response) platform, will yield an innovative solution that promises to streamline response efforts and enhance overall operational efficiency.


In March 2023, OP Media, Inc. was one of eight companies selected from across the nation to participate in the USAF/DoD sponsored Catalyst Accelerator Program. 

Over 12 weeks, the cohort, alongside the USAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO) and the Department of Defense at Hill Air Force Base collaborated.  This effort led to the Catalyst Demo Day in May, where OP Media, Inc. showcased their OP Engine, which includes the OP Builder and MerLiN Console.  MerLiN stands for Machine | early response | Learning | iNtelligence.  These technologies address the digital divide challenges in Air Worthiness Certification, Nuclear Surety, and Cyber Security.  They offer solutions to move a static infrastructure of process to dynamic digital solutions to advance the capabilities of US warfighters.

At this time, the OP technology team is developing a secure version of its technology in coordination with the USAF 309th Software Engineering Group for use case testing in the Sentinel program, and BAE Systems.